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Honoring All Mom's

As we prepare for a day of celebrating motherhood, let's begin by giving honor to all mom's. Mother's Day of 2021 may be quite different for many, as we continue to move through this pandemic. No matter what your situation may be, please continue to honor your mom, whether she is in your presence, or not.

Mother's Day provides us with an opportunity to put in extra effort to give recognition to that special woman in our lives whose role has been MOM. The one who has kept us fed, cleaned our clothes and took us to school. The one who wiped our tears and fought our fears. Whether that person was our Mother, Grandmother, Stepmother, Great-Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Wife or a mother figure. We take this day to pay special recognition and love to that individual.

On Sunday, May 09, 2021, we honor all Mother's for their love and dedication. If we thank you with something as simple as a bouquet of flowers

Or, a full Gourmet meal with the family

Or that piece of Jewelry to add to your collection

remember, it is to show you love and appreciation. If you are lucky and still have your mom, cherish these moments. This Mother's Day, spend quality time if you can. I wish you all the best. And for all of you mom's, I humbly wish you the best, and a very loving Mother's Day!



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