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Benefits of Cold Processed Soap

Here at Glam Society, we believe in #Selfcare. We aim to provide quality products in our quest as we Aspire to Inspire peace of mind, body and spirit. Our natural cold processed soaps are a great addition to any at home spa day, providing many of it's own benefits, such as:

1. Creamy Feel

Cold process soap is made with all-natural ingredients like plant oils and butters and creates a creamy lather for deep moisturization. Unlike other soap types, cold process versions penetrate deep into the skin to help minimize dry itchy skin.

2. Powerfully Natural

The benefits of natural soap making ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil can be lost through the heating process in hot process soap techniques; the cold process method ensures these natural ingredients are better preserved.

3. Intensive Scent

Cold process soaps often include natural essential oils, like lavender and jasmine. Because cold process soap takes a number of weeks to fully cure, the scent intensifies over time.

4. Luxurious Lather

Unlike hot process soap, alternatives made through the cold process method can be skillfully whipped for the lightest touch, even floating on water! Cold process soap has the ability to create an incredible lather to allow a truly luxurious bathing sensation.

5. Creatively Colorful

Cold process soap making techniques include a level of artistry, with many soaps decorated with swirls, layers of color and all sorts of interesting designs. Some are mixed with natural ingredients for texture while others have a top layer of herbs for an artistic final touch.

The Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap includes ground oatmeal for exfoliation. The Wakame scrub soap includes sage and sea salt, peppermint leaves and ground oatmeal for exfoliation. The Spearmint Rosemary soap is strongly scented with sweet spearmint oil and rosemary oil, and Includes peppermint leaves for exfoliation.

Visit us at today for your #selfcare needs. Send us a message and let us know what's on your shopping list. If you don't see what you want we will add it to our list.....


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